Thursday, September 20, 2012

Amino Acids and Skin Care

About Amino Acid Skin Care

A lot has been said in recent years about amino acid skin care as an anti-aging treatment, and there is much left to be determined and discovered. Amino acids do seem to have a positive effect on prematurely aging skin, although you have to be careful how you mix them with other skin care products.

Truths About Amino Acid Skin Care

When it comes to the pursuit of the fountain of youth, there is always something new, and people often jump on the bandwagon before they really know what they're cheering about. It's only after a lot of people have spent a lot of money that they discover a product may not really be worth its packaging.
Thus far, amino acids do seem to provide some genuine benefits to the skin. Amino acids, at their essence, are peptides. These are proteins, which can have a positive effect upon cells. They can help improve skin that has been scarred or has stretch marks. When used correctly, amino acids seem to be more powerful than an alpha-hydroxy system of skin care in terms of filling lines, smoothing skin and improving tone and color. Even better, they can achieve this with less irritation and photosensitivity.
It's also understood that amino acids, applied externally in the right formula and also taken internally, can improve the skin's ability to stay hydrated. Properly hydrated skin not only takes and holds cosmetics better, but looks and feels more youthful.
The Big Four Amino Acids
In talking about amino acid skin care, there are four main acids that are known to be an effective combination in building collagen. These acids are Proline, Glycine, Leucine and Lysine. Together, this formula acts as an exfoliant, works to improve moisture retention and also acts as an antioxidant, thus strengthening your skin even in harsh weather conditions.
A Trademarked Formula
One of the most popular formulas of amino acid treatments is the trademarked AFA, which stands for amino acid filaggrin-based antioxidants. More study is needed to determine if this is the best formula for externally-applied amino acids, but so far it seems to be a good exfoliant and antioxidant that's not too harsh. Fine lines and overall skin texture show considerable improvement, as do the look of scars or age spots. AFAs are being used in conjunction with peels and laser treatments to speed progress and promote overall skin health.
Internal Amino Acids
Since you are what you eat, it stands to reason that one of the best ways to improve your beauty regimen is through your diet. Amino acids cannot be created in the body, so they must be obtained via food. One way to be sure you're getting your essential amino acids is if a particular food provides a complete protein. Eggs, milk and many meats are among these. You can also get amino acids via leafy greens, fish, nuts, beans and soy. If you mix protein sources through the day, you are sure to achieve your proper balance of amino acids, thus nourishing your skin from the inside out.

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